My Momzilla Moment of the Week.

There's no real training to prepare you for motherhood.  You just get thrown into the mix the day they hand you the baby and it's go-time!  Your life becomes a three-ringed circus and you are the new ringmaster.  Before you know it you can tackle any task with your right or left hand, you find your normally wimpy self being able to lug a 30 pound baby carrier in high heels and somehow, by the grace of god, you can even get dinner on the table most nights. 

It's all a big juggling act and I never want to "drop the ball"  as a mom.  In turn I think I'm turning into a momzilla obsessing over every little thing. This proves it...

My Momzilla Moment of the week:  
     Easton wakes up from his nap the other day and feels a little warm.  Perhaps it was the fleece blanket or the snugly pajamas, but I immediately jump into momzilla mode and decide it must be fever and I need to take his temperature. (I often think this and take his temp. all the time).

If you have a baby you know they hate the thermometer and trying to get it perfectly placed under his arm (because I'm totally uncomfortable putting it elsewhere) and keep it there is a nightmare.   I manage to get him undressed and pull his little baby arm from his long-sleeved onsie all while he has a total screaming meltdown.   I try to sing all sorts of weird made up songs that you find yourself singing as a mom while trying to squish his arm to his body and not move the thermometer.  After several minutes of waiting (can't these things beep?!) I go to check it, fully expecting the worst.  The first reading came back normal, instead of being relieved I totally questioned it and thought- "it's broken- I know it!."

So..... I took my own temperature to see what it said.  Huh- came back normal.  Was I satisfied? NOPE!  I took his temperature, and my own, with 3 other digital thermometers!  Needless to say he and I both are both perfectly healthy physically.  I might be mentally losing it ;-)


  1. They have this new thermometer out now (I think there are too many mom's doing exactly what you did) where all you do is touch it to baby's face and it takes a quick temperature reading. I saw it at Walgreen's for $39.99 - worth every penny!!

  2. Your gonna have alot of moments like that, until you have your second child. Because your first one is your pratice child. Then when you have baby number two it will be a breeze.. You just wait and see. Your doing what every first mom does.....

  3. Hey carly, its nuria.....dont buy the "touch the head thermometer," not accurate at all....i took it back. However the Braun ear thermometer is worth every single penny. You put it in their little ear and in 2 or 3 seconds...done! Ive had since we had vince, and it still hasnt had a battery replacement and its accurate. The other one isnt as simple as it sounds. You have to perfectly scan it accross their head and its wayyyy off.

    I have to gigge when i read your blogs. They remind me a lot of me when we first started out.

    We need to get together soon! You have a precious baby boy and we want to meet him!!

    Nuria :-)