Baby Milestone: First Feeding

We got the green light from the doctor to start Easton on rice cereal.  I was so excited.  We went to Meijer and bought him a baby spoon and bowl and of course the cereal.   We took the highchair out of the basement closet and got that put together.  I'm a little frustrated (and feel dumb)  that we can't figure out how to lift up the tray.... seriously why do they try and make it so tough for new parents with this baby gear!

I of course had to video his big moment so here it is!  I thought I'd share because he's really into and making some cute faces that I thought you might enjoy.   Overall he ate the whole portion that I mixed up and seemed to LOVE it.  One step closer to being a big boy!   Check out the video and enjoy Easton's milestone moment.

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  1. that is so adorable just like him. he looked like that cereal was some good stuff. glad we all got to see him in that moment, so much fun. My sweet little guy. grandma diane