Bulldogs and baby baths.

 I don't know what it is about baby baths that our bulldog loves so much.  He personally doesn't enjoy his own bath nearly as much as he loves Easton's.  Maybe it's the lavender scented water that he tries to slurp, or the blue whale bathtub that he wants to soak his giant paws in.

Here is a little look into our most recent bath night...

Me: "Adam can you get Easton's bath ready?"

Otis- Ears perk up.  "Did she say bath?!"  Otis jumps up from his cozy spot on the couch (where he is NOT supposed to be), leaving his half chewed rawhide behind and trots behind Adam to the bathroom.

Otis takes his big bulldog head and shoves the door open and bullies his way in as Adam fills the blue whale baby tub with nice warm water.  "oooh a bath, perfect ending to a rough doggie day of barking out the window and running around the backyard barking at the neighbors," he likely thinks.

Adam grabs the baby soaps and bubble bath while Otis hovers in-between his feet.

"Get out of the way OTIS!"  Adam Screams.  Otis who is unfazed patiently waits for the show to get underway.

I enter the bathroom baby in hand.  I attempt to spread the towel out onto the floor to get Easton undressed.   Just as I get it- Otis flops onto the fresh towel like he's utterly exhausted from all of the excitement.

"Get out of the way!  Adam get Otis!"

Adam grabs Otis by the collar but Otis bobs and weaves to escape his angry grasp.  Finally too frustrated to care Adam lets him slip away while I continue to undress Easton, hoping he doesn't decide to take aim at me while his diaper is off.

Just as I get him settled into the tub I feel a big bulldog head plop onto my leg accompanied by a big "SNORT".  I just roll my eyes and we continue.  Adam always is the "washer" and I'm what I like to refer to as, "The Entertainer".  I get to try and make Easton laugh, splash his hands in the water and shower him with "rain drops" (coolest bath toy ever).  Before I know it Otis is involved.

He is helping to clean the baby by licking his hair.  "OTIS!"   He then points his sad puppy eyes at me as to say, "what? I'm just trying to help."   Then he's slurping lavender scented water as a little mid-bath cocktail.  "OTIS!"  Next he's trying to soak his paws by stepping into the baby tub with Easton in it.  "OTIS!"

Meanwhile Easton is just cooing and squealing in excitement watching this circus unfold.  He splashes Otis and tries to reach out to touch his puppy face (which is seriously a centimeter from his own).  Easton grabs at him while Otis licks his baby hands trying to clean him and enjoy a few more drops of bath water all at the same time.  "Thank god I'm here," he thinks.  "These two have no clue how to clean this kid!"

Otis exhausted from his hardwork heads back to his cozy couch to get some much needed rest and chew his bone.  "What would they ever do without me?" Otis thinks as drifts of to doggy dreamland.


Baby Milestone: First Feeding

We got the green light from the doctor to start Easton on rice cereal.  I was so excited.  We went to Meijer and bought him a baby spoon and bowl and of course the cereal.   We took the highchair out of the basement closet and got that put together.  I'm a little frustrated (and feel dumb)  that we can't figure out how to lift up the tray.... seriously why do they try and make it so tough for new parents with this baby gear!

I of course had to video his big moment so here it is!  I thought I'd share because he's really into and making some cute faces that I thought you might enjoy.   Overall he ate the whole portion that I mixed up and seemed to LOVE it.  One step closer to being a big boy!   Check out the video and enjoy Easton's milestone moment.


4 Months of "Ah-HA!" moments...

1.  Baby poop doesn't smell THAT bad.

2.  Baby poop WILL smell worse later (i.e. solid foods) who knew?! 

3. Breastfeeding is a MAJOR commitment that no one prepares you for.

4. Babies are bendy and their arm will not break when you try to squeeze them into their winter coat.

5. Babies hate when you bend their arm to squeeze them into their winter coat.

6.  Baby Einstein videos will entrance a baby for exactly 32 minutes (or anyone on drugs)

7. A "Sleep Sheep" is not just for babies it puts parents to sleep too.

8. Watching your baby on a video monitor is like your own personal version of reality TV.

9. Sleep is for wussies.

10. If you hated doing the laundry before having a baby- just you wait!

11. Don't kid yourself- your food will get cold before you ever get a chance to eat it.

12. A growing baby gets to wear a new outfit a total of 3 times before they grow out of it.

13. If you are excited to dress your baby in a new outfit- he/she will poop or pee on it in the first 5 min.

14. Grandparents RULE!

15. "We have a kid?"  seriously?

16. Babies ARE expensive! (when people want you to have a baby they say, " it's not that expensive"- liars!)

17. We have the CUTEST baby on earth.

18. Easton will of course be the most popular boy in school ;-)

19. Easton eats like his dad and Uncle Derek.  I'm in serious trouble!

20. Being a mom is pretty awesome.


My Momzilla Moment of the Week.

There's no real training to prepare you for motherhood.  You just get thrown into the mix the day they hand you the baby and it's go-time!  Your life becomes a three-ringed circus and you are the new ringmaster.  Before you know it you can tackle any task with your right or left hand, you find your normally wimpy self being able to lug a 30 pound baby carrier in high heels and somehow, by the grace of god, you can even get dinner on the table most nights. 

It's all a big juggling act and I never want to "drop the ball"  as a mom.  In turn I think I'm turning into a momzilla obsessing over every little thing. This proves it...

My Momzilla Moment of the week:  
     Easton wakes up from his nap the other day and feels a little warm.  Perhaps it was the fleece blanket or the snugly pajamas, but I immediately jump into momzilla mode and decide it must be fever and I need to take his temperature. (I often think this and take his temp. all the time).

If you have a baby you know they hate the thermometer and trying to get it perfectly placed under his arm (because I'm totally uncomfortable putting it elsewhere) and keep it there is a nightmare.   I manage to get him undressed and pull his little baby arm from his long-sleeved onsie all while he has a total screaming meltdown.   I try to sing all sorts of weird made up songs that you find yourself singing as a mom while trying to squish his arm to his body and not move the thermometer.  After several minutes of waiting (can't these things beep?!) I go to check it, fully expecting the worst.  The first reading came back normal, instead of being relieved I totally questioned it and thought- "it's broken- I know it!."

So..... I took my own temperature to see what it said.  Huh- came back normal.  Was I satisfied? NOPE!  I took his temperature, and my own, with 3 other digital thermometers!  Needless to say he and I both are both perfectly healthy physically.  I might be mentally losing it ;-)