4 Months of "Ah-HA!" moments...

1.  Baby poop doesn't smell THAT bad.

2.  Baby poop WILL smell worse later (i.e. solid foods) who knew?! 

3. Breastfeeding is a MAJOR commitment that no one prepares you for.

4. Babies are bendy and their arm will not break when you try to squeeze them into their winter coat.

5. Babies hate when you bend their arm to squeeze them into their winter coat.

6.  Baby Einstein videos will entrance a baby for exactly 32 minutes (or anyone on drugs)

7. A "Sleep Sheep" is not just for babies it puts parents to sleep too.

8. Watching your baby on a video monitor is like your own personal version of reality TV.

9. Sleep is for wussies.

10. If you hated doing the laundry before having a baby- just you wait!

11. Don't kid yourself- your food will get cold before you ever get a chance to eat it.

12. A growing baby gets to wear a new outfit a total of 3 times before they grow out of it.

13. If you are excited to dress your baby in a new outfit- he/she will poop or pee on it in the first 5 min.

14. Grandparents RULE!

15. "We have a kid?"  seriously?

16. Babies ARE expensive! (when people want you to have a baby they say, " it's not that expensive"- liars!)

17. We have the CUTEST baby on earth.

18. Easton will of course be the most popular boy in school ;-)

19. Easton eats like his dad and Uncle Derek.  I'm in serious trouble!

20. Being a mom is pretty awesome.


  1. diane brady aka.. momJanuary 15, 2012 at 10:34 PM

    yes daughter it really is all so true. but the rewards are so awesome. enjoy every moment good or bad.!!!! mom