Ok- you can stop growing up now

Easton will be 6 months old in just a few days.  How did this happen?!  I mean come on did time fly or what?!  He's just doing so much cool stuff these days.  I can see the wheels really beginning to turn all of the time.

He is really improving his coordination.  He looks at something, grabs it and puts it right in his mouth.  Maybe it doesn't sound like much but watching him learn all of the steps and put it together is so cool.  He puts everything in his mouth and loves to grab my hair and either, pull it or put it in his mouth... sigh.  At least he hasn't found my earring.

He LOVES to jump.   His grandma and grandpa bought him a Johny Jumper for their house, so of course we stole it for our house.   He will just jump and jump and jump.  He is also rolling over like a crazy man.  If you put him on the floor he'd roll straight across the room if you'd let him.

He's got the energy for it all because he's now eating some solids.  I am making his baby food (which I find super fun) and he's tried:

-Butternut squash- (Easton gives it 4 of 5 stars)
-Pears (Easton gives it 2 of 5 stars)
-Sweet Potatoes (Easton gives it 4 of 5 stars)
-Bananas (Easton gives it 5 of 5 stars)

 Tonight I found myself at dinner chatting to Easton, asking him about his day and dreaming up all of the fun scenarios that may have happened at daycare.

Easton did you go outside today and take a stroll around the neighborhood?
Easton did you eat pears or sweet potatoes for lunch today?
Ut-oh Easton those aren't the clothes I sent you in this morning.  I bet I can guess what would require an outfit change ;-)

 I finally looked at Adam and said, "Won't it be fun when he talks back ;-)"   Now I'm wondering what does a Easton think about?   Here's my best guesses:

1.  Boy these two are funny- I think they're my mom and dad.
2.  Where did that short dog with the funny smashed face go?
3.  Hello!  Hello!  God, they must have awful hearing, it's 2am -Mom I want you to wake up from your warm bed and come get me- hustle up!
4. Food
5. My teeth hurt :-(
6. More food
7. Yah! It's my grandma & grandpa.  I love all of them!
8. If I could j--u--s----t pick this up and get it into my mouth.  Victory!
9.  Oh that's a good lion's paw (sucking on his little stuffed lion toy)
10. I wish someone would play Justin Beiber again. (see video below of the cutest baby dancing to "Baby-Baby" by the Beibs ;-).


  1. So cute! Reliving those memories now. Keep recording him. You won't believe how fast it all goes by. Congrats on your award today - you totally deserve it!!

  2. Your writing is straight from the heart and the honest truth. I always find myself excited everytime I see that you have posted a new blog, its a moment that I know I can relate to with my own child.

    Thanks for sharing. Your rock!

  3. too cute! Love all the fancy footwork! ;-)